Indian Sports Betting Market - Cricket88

Why Only Four Sports?

Cricket, football, tennis and racing… in that order. Cricket offers a truly vast, almost limitless pool of liquidity in India. Football comes next, estimated at between 10% and 15% of the volume matched on cricket. Then tennis, which is perhaps 20% of the volume in the football markets. Then finally racing, which is comparable to, or higher than, tennis volumes. However, Indian bookmakers have been stung by sharp racing syndicates and are reluctant to give too much volume.
The simple reason Cricket88 only offers brokerage and consultancy for these four sports, is because India doesn’t have sufficient interest in other sports to create enough liquidity in the market.
Of course Cricket88 would love to offer big bets for sharp action in US or niche sports. However getting a 10 Lakh bet down on NFL, NBA or exotic markets such as eSports is impossible in the long term. Bookies who offer these markets, or are happy to lay this action on Betfair Skins, know their customers personally and know they are long-term losers. The bet sizes would be too small to make it worth our, or our clients’ time. There simply won’t be sufficient profit before the account or the telephone betting brokerage into India is shut down.
However, licensed (or unlicensed) operators looking to genuinely hedge action, might have possibilities to offload volume into India at the Betfair screen price. If this is something you may be potentially be interested in, please contact us for more information.