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Our Fees

Firstly, it is important understand that there is a long onboarding process to using Cricket88’s service. Each syndicate, trader or operator have unique requirements and it is essential that we thoroughly understand them before suggesting how best to maximise your returns on Indian betting.
If you have not bet into India before you may have many questions and although this website hopes to lay out the basics, there are plenty of nuances not described. This process may take a week or it may take six months. But from our first contact until your first bet through Cricket88, we remain at your service to provide answers to any of your questions. All of our advice is free of charge during this period.
Once you are ready to begin betting, we can arrange a no-commission trial. The length of this trial depends on a number of factors including the sport(s) you cover and the frequency of bets. We will however give you sufficient trial time to fully understand the service. If after this trial you do not wish to proceed, all accounts will be settled in full.
Once you are comfortable with Cricket88’s process and service, our fees are based solely on long-term win-win-wins. As the broker and guarantor between both the traders and the bookmakers, it is our job to ensure the relationship runs smoothly into the long term. This includes prompt accounting and settlement from both sides. Cricket88 guarantees to both parties that payments will be made in full.
Depending on your type of action, we can work on a freeroll model (more common) or a turnover percentage model (less common). We will never front-run or follow your action. It’s easy to say this but once you work with us, you will see that it is true. We will also always pass on the actual price we execute at. If you request bottom price of 1.25 and we get 1.26, you get 1.26.
We are always happy to discuss betting in India and what opportunities are available. So please send us an email or drop us a message on WhatsApp to get the conversation started.