Indian Sports Betting Market - Cricket88



Cricket88 offers advice on the Indian market landscape, opportunities and risks involved with betting into India. Let us guide you through the first steps of entering the world’s largest untapped betting market.


We offer introductions to our highly qualified and experienced partners and advisors across India and the Middle East who can help you with ancillary services such as payment transfers, licensing (if required) and legal advice.

Telephone Brokerage

Our Telegram or Skype-based chat service connects your traders to the largest liquidity pools in the world. Let Cricket88 show you the opportunity the press your edge into a new and evolving market.

Skin Accounts

Over a number of years Cricket88 has built an unrivalled network of the largest and most reputable bookmakers offering Betfair odds with exceptionally high gearing and credit limits, for large bets across major sports offered on Betfair. Dramatically increase your betting turnover through geared Skin accounts.

Payment Guarantees

Through trust and escrow services, Cricket88 guarantees that the counterparty will account in a timely manner every Monday and 100% payments are made on demand. Remove your counterparty risk for Indian betting by using Cricket88’s trusted services.